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    Whitelist Application


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    Whitelist Application

    Post by SuperSith89 on Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:16 am

    Welcome to the Empire SMP! We are a family friendly server based off the Cube SMP and Mindcrack. We have our own special set of rules, a good community of players that is still young, a server full of land to build shops in our town and land far out for homes! We want to make sure that you can experience a fun and yet family friendly server to enjoy! First off here are our rules!

    1. No Swearing. We have a plug-in that stops you from doing it, but this also means no swearing anywhere. Not on signs, builds, and try to keep it out of Skype calls if you are in one.

    2. No cheating. We definitely do not accept cheaters. This includes any hacked clients and custom resource packs like X-Ray.

    3. No stealng. I'm sure you've been on a server where you spent hours mining diamonds or other resources, only to have it stolen the next day. We don't want that here. Get your items by yourself instead of stealing someone elses stuff. This also means you can not steal another player's shop idea. You are permitted to sell a item as a secondary shop item if the original shop owner allows it. Please ask questions if I need to clarify this one.

    4. No griefing! We have had our fair share of griefers on here. It is very immature and it hurts everyone when you do it. If you want to leave the server, just tell me. Don't grief anything. Also do not grief while doing pranks.

    5. Pranks are allowed. To a certain extent of course. Make sure that the prank is not inappropriate in any way. Do not grief during the prank either. You are also supposed to leave a sign saying you did it. Though if you are in a pranking group, just leave your gourp banner as a symbol.

    6. Stay active! We don't want our server turning into a ghost town after a few weeks. I know there is a lot going on during school days, so please message me if you're schedule so I make sure I know why you are not present. We have a limit of two weeks of inactivity until you are temporarily banned. You can be un-banned by simply sending me a message saying you were gone at so and so, and you still want to join. We want a stable community. You can also stay active by going to our forum. Link is below.

    7. Keep a space of three blocks in between shops in the town. we don't want it looking cluttered.

    8. Build your house far away from spawn. We have a nether hub, so don't worry about distance. Just find a nice place to call home that won't interfere with the town.

    If you are still reading on, that means you are interested in joining! It's simple to join. Just fill out our whitelist application here!

    1. What is your ign?

    2. What are your skills in Minecraft? (200 word minimum)

    3. Why do you want to join this server instead of any others out there? (100 word minimum)

    4. Name three random facts about yourself. Make them a sentence each or more please.

    5. Do you have past experience with SMP servers? (50 word minimum if not. 200 word minimum if yes)

    Thanks for filling out an application and I hope to see you on the server, if accepted! Don't forget to share this with your friends! We want a good community!

    Here is the link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Empire-SMP/1705494833016596?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

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